A Tribute Portfolio Hotel
Great Northern Hotel is an exquisitely designed luxury boutique hotel with an extraordinary location, offering unrivalled value to the discerning traveller. We are perfectly situated just 25 metres from the Eurostar terminus in the heart of King's Cross St Pancras
  • Dine at Plum + Spilt MIlk

  • Cocktails and Stolen Glances till Late

  • Couture Cocktails at GNH Bar

  • Meet, eat, work or relax in Plum + Spilt MIlk


Menus at the Great Northern Hotel are devised
by highly-acclaimed chef Chris Fordham-Smith who creates beautiful dishes using British ingredients cooked simply yet creatively.


Like the dining cars of The Flying Scotsman that first pulled out of King’s Cross, Plum & Spilt Milk keeps service turning from dawn through to midnight. Take breakfast from seven, a short pause for elevenses, sit for swift, classic lunches or relax for dinner as the light dims.



Evoking the sleek lines of twenties Manhattan against Parisian culture, GNH Bar comes to life at breakfast, slides easily into lunch, changing gears smoothly for evening meetings, then glides gracefully into cocktails and stolen glances till late.



An ultra-glamorous and sophisticated Martini Lounge situated on the first floor of the stunningly beautiful Great Northern Hotel.