History & Heritage

An Luxury Central London Boutique Hotel
In the Heart of London’s King’s Cross St Pancras

Magnificently refurbished and designed, this iconic central London hotel brings all the elegance of its past back into the centre of London’s King’s Cross St Pancras.

When the Great Northern Hotel first opened its doors in 1854, the passengers of London flocked. The hotel stood at the centre of London’s revolutionary new age of steam. Guests made the Great Northern Hotel a glamorous destination in central London and a stylish point of departure.

Now magnificently renovated, the Great Northern Hotel guarantees the glorious glamour of its iconic past is central once again to the King’s Cross St Pancras basin. Lewis Cubitt, great architect of Victorian London, crafted this hotel to catch the eye: its slender curve of robust brick still a bold stamp on a busy landscape.

From the vantage point of the Pancras Road, the Great Northern Hotel originally looked across planted gardens towards King’s Cross Station. Standing now on this plot, deliberately reciprocating Cubitt’s curve, is the new King’s Cross Western Concourse – two striking designs both central to a global transport hub.


Broad corridors and wrought iron staircases sweep through the hotel’s six floors. Ninety rooms lovingly restored and exquisitely re-designed – all the original grandeur of this central London hotel honoured with painstaking attention to detail. High ceilings, ceiling-to-floor windows, expansive curved corridors – all central to Cubitt’s classic design – create an overwhelming sense of light and space. With the calm and serenity of a great ocean liner, you will never believe this hotel is central to the largest transport intersection in London.